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workflow optimization made easy

minimize your documents

With the Sinayah all your files and products in one place, easy for you to easily display to customers​

follow client payments

We provide you with electronic payment services, as we ensure that you receive your profits within a short time

automate repeating tasks

All processes happen automatically in series, ensuring that you sell products easily

saved to the cloud

All of your products are available on our website, saving you the hassle of promoting on various social media sites

Choose the perfect plan


10 OMR

Per month

Frequently asked questions

The mission of Sinayah is the continuous marketing of the website as the number of marketers is constantly increasing, which guarantees you to sell products fast and smoothly. We also have shipping services to transport goods to customers, and this guarantees you a comfortable business plan. Just join us and present your products now!

Yes, it is and you can find it in Android and IOS.

Yes we are hiring people who’s willing to raise our

Workflow Optimization is a cross platform message optimization app for all devices. Contact Us

Our clients say

"Good profits can be achieved by displaying products on the website and also facilitating the sale process"
Store Manger
"A good opportunity to increase the offer"
"In my opinion, the site can have more impact on customers as we find all products in one place"
"Displaying my products through Bin Zaid Trading website has brought me good profits compared to the traditional way"
Sultan Al Moqbali

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